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This will shock you about wallpapers

Computer has become one of the necessities of life it makes necessities of wallpapers, most of us find it difficult to survive minus this device. It is amazing to understand that many usually use this gadget to earn a living. Others find it very useful when it comes to organization of work and for accuracy, and that is why you will never fail to find a computer with cool wallpaper in an office. However, since most of us can’t do without it, it would be very boring if it only showed the same wallpaper on screen all the time you want to use it. Thanks to the operating system makers. They understood screens should be changed and that is why, they have made operating systems in such a way that they can change the look of the screen by using wallpaper, after a certain period of active session; that is in windows seven. In Microsoft windows, which almost everyone is well versed with since it is common, it enables the users to change the color themes, skins as well as the desktop free wallpaper as per a person’s preferences. 

Desktop wallpapers

Perhaps you are wondering what this is. It can simply be defined as an image, which is shown as background in almost all windows. Fortunately, some of these wallpapers are in-built and so you only need to change them according to your preferences. If you find these inbuilt wallpapers not enough for you, you can as well check the internet for most appealing ones. You need only to Google the term wallpaper download on your browser, and you will have more than enough varieties for you, to give you even a more appealing desktop background appearance as you want it. Good thing is that they are always free. You do not need to use your money, unless you want ones that are more advanced. However, in most case you will find these wallpapers just for free. You only need to understand how to Google them and download. 

Mobile and mobile phone too need wallpapers

Today, almost everyone has a Smartphone. These Smartphone’s too have wallpapers that are inbuilt, but you can also download more varieties if you want to. This means that just like computers, you can enjoy multiplicity of wallpapers on other gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets too. To make it even better, with just one click, you will have your free wallpaper right on the screen of your phone. Sounds cool, isn’t it?


Wallpapers are also good screen savers. It is not enough to describe them as merely as images that are portrayed on the background of your desktop. They can also act as screensavers; when your phone, tablet or even your computer is idling. At this time, you simply need to command a wallpaper of your choice to act as a screen saver, so that it will be displayed when you are not busy with your computer or phone or even tablet. In fact, amazing wallpapers can even be showed in an animation style. Where, they will be moving from one edge of your screen to the next, in bouncing motions. This is fun and very beautiful. Fortunately, you can as well make these amazing wallpapers to appear in slide form, just to grace your day peacefully. Research shows that even though desktop backgrounds can be fun and very attractive, they also help the user to even bond more with the computer. Some people will only feel like seating in front of a computer screen, just to watch the images bounce by gracefully, others will want to explore more by making the images bounce at the pace they love. As a result, it ensures users spend more hours in front of the computer, or a tablet even if he or she is not doing anything productive. The good thing is that in most cases, these images are found in hd, and therefore when you download them, you will be assured of a nice and quality image on your device. All that is required of you is to visit sites that offer these hd images. Yes, not all sites will give you wallpaper download as perfect as you need it to be. Just as an example, one of the site names you should prioritize for a wallpaper is images 24. If you want best wallpapers for your phone, tablet or even computer, images 24 won’t let you down. The following are some of the resolutions you will get when you download your images through such sites.

Full HD-1920x1080

  1. For laptop size 15” -16”, you will enjoy a 1600x900 resolution.
  2. For laptop size 13”-14”, you will definitely enjoy 1366x768 resolution powers. 

For middle screen resolution

You will get a full HD for tablets such as Ipad or Ipad mini in 1280x720 resolutions. Guess this resolution is enough to give you amazing wallpaper you can feel proud of, and even show it to your friends. For low screen resolution, be assured of getting the following;

Low screen resolution

  1. For a mobile phone such as Nexus 5, and Iphone 5/6-5s/6s to mention few, you will definitely enjoy images with resolution 1024x576.
  2. If you have an older mobile such as Samsung galaxy S2/S3, and Iphone 4/4s etc, do not shy off. There is something for you too. You can enjoy 960x540 resolutions in such devices.
  3. For even older mobile, you will have images with 864 x 486 resolutions. This is still pretty images to grace your screen, just the way you prefer it done. If you have a first touch screen, you will only enjoy 720 x 405 image resolutions on your screen, and for those who have older mobiles, and those that are not touch screen, you will still have a 640 x 360 image. 

When it comes to wallpapers and screen savers, images 24 will have something for everyone irrespective of the device you might be having. Does that sound good? 

Wallpapers should be available for everyone, and that is why, anyone has the right to have these images on his or her phone’s screen. The sites that offer these images are accessible by anyone and therefore regardless of age, as long as you can make a good choice when it comes to wallpapers, you got all the rights to do so.