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Secrets you never knew about autumn wallpapers

We all know about wallpapers, or at least we have used them before on phones, tablets or computers, even if we never knew much about them. Wallpapers do not only give you that fun you need by beautifying your computer or phone screens but can also give you that motivation you need for work. Autumn wallpapers are known as game changers when it comes to work. They are more to what people usually consider as screen beauty, even though this is the key function, which many will always use them for. It is advantageous to use autumn wallpapers on your phone, computer or even tablet. Read on and discover more about this.

Easy to download

One pretty thing with autumn wallpapers is that they are easy to download. If you are a complete newbie in wallpapers, and you need to have one, two, or three on your phone or computer, you only need an internet connection, and with a single click, you will have it on board. Yes, as a user, you can easily download amazing wallpapers, in different resolutions according to your device. 

Choose the right website

The only tricky might lie here. Not all websites have perfect wallpapers in high hd just the way you want it. You need to make your first search on websites such as images 24 since they have keenly selected the latest wallpapers with resolutions that would fit in whatever gadget you have. When it comes to wallpapers, images 24 ensures everyone is catered for. The site offers full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. For 15”-16” laptops, you will be allowed to download images of 1600 x 900 resolutions and for 13”-14” laptops; you can as well download images with 1366 x 768 resolutions. Middle screen resolution:

  • For middle screen resolutions, be ready to enjoy the following resolutions;
  • Tablets such as Ipad or Ipad min you can download an image in 1280 x 720 resolutions
  • For old mobiles such as Nexus 5, Iphone 5/6 -5s/6s, you will download images in 1024x576 resolutions
  • For older mobiles such as Samsung galaxy S2/S3, Iphone 4/4s, be assured of getting an image in 960x540 resolutions.
  • For older mobiles in general, you will be able to download an image in 864x486 resolutions
  • For mobiles that were first touch screen, an image will be in 720x405 and 
  • For none touch screen, you will receive a 640x360-image resolution. 

This means that all devices have been catered for, and so you should not feel intimidated with what you are using. You can still download a wallpaper just the way you want it done